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How To Find A Ghetto Prom Dress A ghetto, in a nutshell, is a place where the poor, minorities, and the underprivileged exist. Despite the neighborhood, children go to high schools where the prom is still the most important event next to the graduation. It is the time when a teenager can express their individuality away from the faceless crowd.

A ghetto prom dress has been a timebomb in most high schools. Many parents have abhorred them due to their own preferences for the old prom standards. Still, some parents have allowed their children to wear these styles. However, not all ghetto prom dresses are made equal.

Rebellious. That's right. A ghetto prom dress should go against the flow of what is expected of a prom dress. Teenagers prefer the shock factor of such a dress, because Cheap Valentino Shoes it makes them stand out at a formal occasion.

Finance. Ghetto prom dresses are cheap to assemble. Any kind of fabric will do, as long as the design is kept in mind. Many of them think of what Jennifer Lopez or Lil' Kim would wear at a typical MTV event.

Sex. Teenagers feel sexy in a ghetto prom dress. Skin is usually bared, especially when it's tanned. It is a comehither look without actually saying it. Cleavage and bulging muscles are shown with pride. Tattoos or body piercings are almost always shown. Underwear like brassieres and panties are almost never worn. If they are worn, they should be visible so that everyone can see that you Valentino Shoes Outlet are wearing them.

Fashion sense. Weight is not an issue when wearing a ghetto prom dress. Everyone can wear what she wants without any care about what other people might say. Do not go over the edge with a slutty look a sultry look will do just fine.

Hair style. Hair coiffure is also important. The more colorful the dye mix in the hair, the better. The hairstyle should also stand out the more imposing, the finer. Think of unusual designs like a Ferris wheel or helicopter.

Coordination. Teenagers hate to go to proms where their peers are absent. Ghetto prom dresses allow coordination. The fabric may be the same but in different designs or it could be thematic most of them opt to have the 'hood gangster look when going solo or the pimp and ho for couples.

Accessories. Bling is cheap, including shiny semiprecious stone accessories set in metal that can move in circles or just shine. Ghetto outfits are incomplete without it.

Unlike the traditional prom dress that reeks of sophistication and class, the ghetto prom dress allows adolescents that are leaving their high school a sense of freedom and an ability to express their individuality without censure from their peers.


Ghetto prom dresses aim to look like you don't care about going to one but still look fashionable, stylish and very unusual. It depends on the school board if they allow it on prom night.

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How to Draw Fashion Flats

Fashion flats are an essential part of a designer's portfolio. They are sketches of separate pieces of clothing without a figure underneath. Flats are highly technical and need to include all seams, stitches and design details. Flats are the primary method of design communication in the industry and are used for presentations, sometimes filled with color and print. Flats can either be done by hand or using Adobe illustrator on the computer. Flats done on the computer can be replicated, changed and added to, whereas flats done by hand must be redrawn each time.

Use the sharp pencil to draw the outline of the bodice of the garment. Use the body underneath as a template for placement and size. Use sharp, fluid lines, not sketchy light ones. Draw the appropriate amount of volume for the desired fabric. If it's a light chiffon, it should hug the body, if it's a chunky sweater, it should extend well beyond the figure underneath it.

Trace over the entire sketch with the pen, in the same order that you drew the flat. If possible, use a thicker tipped pen for the outline and a thinner tipped pen for the interior lines. Erase the Cheap Valentino Shoes pencil lines.

Draw a Flat Using Adobe Illustrator

Draw a body in Illustrator freehand, or scan in your handdrawn flat to trace. Open Adobe Illustrator. Open a new page by clicking "File," then "New." If you will be tracing your Valentino Shoes hand flat open it by clicking "File," then "Open."

Select the pen tool from your tool box on the left; the third from the top on the left side. Your cursor now becomes the pen tool. When clicked, the pen tool distributes points which make up the lines. Click and hold the cursor for a curved line.

Trace or draw the outline of the fashion sketch with the pen tool, using one continuous line. When you arrive back to the first point, click on it to make a complete shape. Keep in mind the desired volume of the garment.


Use the pen tool to trace the inner lines; seam lines and fabric treatments, such as pleats, gathers and tucks. These do not need to be continuous lines. Draw any embellishment on the design. To make stitch lines, go to the stroke menu on the right side of the screen, and click "Dashed line."